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SaltHealing is an ancient healing modality that is being rediscovered around the globe. It incorporates and directs specific information to the receiver to bring balance, harmony and wellbeing.

In some instances salt crystals are implemented and imprinted by the highly trained practitioner to reactivate self-healing powers of the patient, to clear any blockages that are holding the person from achieving their ultimate state of wellbeing.

"Make Healing Salts be a part of the initiation and journey to your complete self. Healing is Freedom."
- Zaphara -


Salthealing Salts provide energetic support for the various system imbalances.

Healing Salts reactivate self-healing powers enabling sustainable improvements in your wellbeing and making it effortless for all involved. If you have previously had the experience that has taken weeks, months or even years for therapeutic benefits, please remember to stay open minded to new experiences with Healing Salts.

o AdreSalt
o BalSalt
o BreathSalt
o CalmSalt
o CanSalt
o CardioSalt
o DTXSalt
o FemSalt
o GISalt
o GlucoSalt
o HappySalt

o MaleSalt
o NightSalt
o OsteoSalt
o ParaSalt
o RelaSalt
o SkinSalt
o SoulSalt
o ThyroSalt
o VisioSalt
o W8Salt
o ...

Healing Salts work on many different levels, energetic, emotional and physical. Salthealers program the salts with information frequencies for targeted issues that one might have in their life, such as: relationships, burnout, chronic, emotional conditions. This process allows the body to recognize the imbalance and thus initiating the suppressed system to remember for self-healing to take place.

The energized salts are probably one of the oldest healing modalities that is derived from the ancient wisdom. For a long time this knowledge seemed to have been forgotten and is now being rediscovered around the globe and introduced by Salthealers.
* The SaltHealing products are not meant to cure or treat diseases. Please seek professional advice from your healthcare provider.

German description of the Salthealing Products

SaltHealing Salze in Deutscher Beschreibung

Salthealing Seminar

"Salthealing – Healing Power & Knowledge of the Golden Age"
5 days, Spring 2015
Price: $2,500
Location: Yogani Studio, 1112 W Platt St, Tampa, FL 33606
Instructor: Aros Sharon Petzelberger, Intl. Salthealing Academy, Switzerland

Downloads: "about Salthealing & Seminar" [69 KB] | seminar application form [35 KB]

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Salthealing Special: Get a healing session from one of our healers, Aros, Quirin, Zaphara or one of the health experts and Salthealing practicioners of Salthealing class in Tampa.

Healing day at Serenity Now Books and Gifts (2014 & 2015)
Saturday 25 October 2014, 11:30 am to 5 pm --> next date (2 days) in Spring 2015 will follow soon!
3269 Tampa Rd., Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Download: healing day flyer [189 KB]
Website / location: Serenity Now Books and Gifts


Zaphara Elena Bensonoff, C.RPh Aros Sharon Petzelberger Quirin Stephan Kunze
° Consultant Pharmacist
° Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
° Energy Healer
° Natural Perfumer
° Speaker
° Creator and Founder: Wholistic Skin Care, Orali Perfume, Wholistic Chakra System.

Be fearless, Be passionate, and - most of all - be you!
° Instructor
° President and Founder of The Institute of Frequency Medicine.
° Founding member of the International Salthealing Academy
° Spiritual Teacher, Master healer, therapist, Life Coach and Instructor in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and USA
° Has taught more than 3,000 people

Aros is a man with true love of life, for people, animals and Mother Earth. His commitment is to restore and harmonize all that is, so life experience can be worth living.
° Natural Health Professional
° Founder and practitioner at "Naturheilpraxis Kunze" in Zurich, Switzerland

Expert in
° Salthealing
° Craniosacral Osteopathy
° Chronic Diseases Prevention

In his practice, Quirin has been successful at helping optimize the body's ability to detoxify and remove toxic substances, encouraging proper metabolism, sound hormonal balance, irradication of inflammatory conditions and much more.‏

Chronic disease prevention is one of his expertise!


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